Beast:Nogtail Name: Hogger, given name on command Notable Behaviors: the nogtail is mainly captured for its strong ability in finding Lavender Hyssop, which is a rare flower used as an ingredient in potions, most notable potion, Amortentia. Once the nogtail finds this rare flower their caretaker must control them from eating the buds, as the nogtail loves the strong licorice taste in which it posses. The nogtail behaves must like any normal piglets, which is why farm owners have a difficult time spotting them among other pigs. The nogtail brings a blight to the farm, creating such havoc as black chicken eggs. The only way to rid of a nogtail is with a pure white dog. Once they are chased off the farm, they will never return. Feeding: Nogtail have an overall diverse diet, lots of fruits, vegetables and plants. Nogtails like to feed on worms when the heavy rain falls. It is known that you can pay a large amount of Galleons for a captured nogtail just for their sole use of smell. Nogtails are quite harmless, but very quick and strong. They are able to big themselves out of places if they are not contained properly.